Currently taking on commission pieces.
  1. Lady Di
    Lady Di
    SOLD Mixed media on a wood block.
  2. The Dancing Horses
    The Dancing Horses
    SOLD Oil on paper.
  3. Night at the Circus
    Night at the Circus
    Commission piece, multimedia.
  4. Shasta
    $275.00 Hand carved. Head, neck, and legs move independently.
  5. Tina and Indira
    Tina and Indira
    Commission piece. Oil on tile.
  6. Mosaic Dreams
    Mosaic Dreams
    Broken glass, tile and mirror make up this 4" x 2" 1/2.
  7. Arabian Stallion
    Arabian Stallion
    Commission piece.
  8. Dove Tail Fan
    Dove Tail Fan
    SOLD Hand beaded handle.
  9. Peyote Stitch Whip Handle
    Peyote Stitch Whip Handle
    Bamboo cane, horse hair and thousands of seed beads.
  10. Gypsy Vanner
    Gypsy Vanner
    Commission. Oil on canvas.
  11. Ned & Mac
    Ned & Mac
    Painted wood sign
  12. Peyote Stitch
    Peyote Stitch
    Lash whip handle