Bittless Bridles 

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Bitless bridles are a great training tool. Whether you use them in place of a bit or just to 'change' up your horses rutine. This design alows for more leverage and points of pressure then a simple rope halter and without all the metal of a traditional hackamore. 
I personaly use these bridles for every asspect of training. I start my horses out in them and graduate them to a bit later on. I use them for trick training and ground work. I use them for my new riding students so they stay out of the horses mouth while learning their balance. For trail riding, gymkahana and more. 
Rope Halters: $25.00
Bittless Bridles: $50.00

Size: pony, cob/horse, large/warmblood
Colors: red, blue, green, black, white.