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$40.00 for a single horses 
$30.00 for multiple horses

$35.00 for a single pony
$25.00 for multiple ponies


Farrier Service

I have 9 years of experience trimming horses. I started working on my own horses when I was 15 out of necessity. Since then it has turned into a fascination, an art form and a second career for me.
I started out studying the barefoot horse. Pete Ramey, a renowned barefoot farrier, was a big influence on my work. My thirst for knowledge and to understand everything about the hoof eventually led me to learn more about shoeing. I was privileged enough to work at a barn that hired a CJF (Certified Journeyman Farrier). He has been, by far, my biggest mentor and teacher. I still regularly attend farrier conferences and clinics. You can never learn enough.