Riding Lessons

Learn what your horse wants you to know. 

Located in Laurel DE. Offering lessons in a wide varity of disaplines on your horse or ours.

  1. Ground work and trick training go hand in hand. They are the same. We call it tricks because not everyone does it with their horse. Trick training is a great start for young horses that you like to build a bond and confidence with. Its great to help supple and get the interest back in older horses. If your horse has bad manners, wont trailer load, doesn't respect your space, bites, rears etc.... Trick training and ground work is a fun and safe place to start.
    $50.00 On your horse or ours
  2. Recreational vaulting (gymnastics on horseback) is a great way for riders of all ages to gain confidence, balance and strength. This is a very fun and fast paced class and a great work out! Great for riders who would like to work on a more centered seat.
    $40.00 Private $25.00 Group
  3. Centered riding/dressage is important to all riders no matter the discipline. If you have balance and understand the mechanics of moving the horse anything is possible. Learn to make a soft and supple horse.
    $50.00 an hour on our horse or yours

Trick Training

Vaulting and Trick Riding